Adaptive Data Engine

Creedenz CXM’s core innovation is its underlying Adaptive Data Engine (ADE), a horizontally scalable run-time that enables declarative customization. The power of the CXM platform comes from having a powerful, declarative meta-data driven approach to customization, which drives unparalleled speed and efficiency in building a tailored business solution. When you combine that with the built-in business rules engine and simple search capability, you have a cloud based platform unlike any in the market.

The key components of the CXM platform include:

Adaptive Data Engine

  • Declarative meta-data driven customization platform
  • Highly customizable data model with ability to define complex relationships and fine grained security controls
  • Dynamically generated user interface with support across mobile, notepad, and PC/Mac laptops and desktops.

Business Rules Engine

  • Automate complex workflows and process real-time events

Integration Tools and Adapters

  • Pre-built integration for email, marketing and financial systems
  • Dynamic navigation and query on relational and non-relational databases
  • Programmatic access with REST based API’s
  • Tools for third party software integration, data loading and migrations

Benefits of the Platform

  • Economics of Cloud without limitations on customizations
  • Reduce Maintenance and need for expensive test automation
  • Greatly simplify upgrades and quickly use new features and innovations
  • Consistent experience that improves usability and end user productivity
  • Rapidly respond to changing business requirements