Sales Workforce Automation

Automatically generate alerts on sales opportunity changes, route leads to teams, generate leads and sales with one touch, communicate with prospects, assign opportunities, and monitor account activity.


Marketing Automation

Manage and execute campaign activities, track campaign performance, setup drip emails, analyze email metrics, easily identify ROI, and monitor marketing expenditures--all in real-time.


Customer Service Automation

Streamline case management process, pre-defined packaging of problem resolution, one touch suggestions to Knowledge Base and track service responsiveness, time-to-resolution, and other personalized service metrics to ensure consistent delivery of superior customer service to your end customer.

Cross-System Integration

Link multiple systems and data into the CXM platform, giving a cross-functional solution that unifies your front-end system with your back-end operations.


Customized Rules Engine

Set customized rules to automate your operations and other workflow management systems in a way that is relevant to your specific business needs.