Project Management

Use Creedenz CXM as your central tool for executing projects. Manage milestones, tasks, and task dependencies. Track resources, timelines, and actual costs against budget and generate tailored status reports for key stakeholders. Use our Automatic Business Logic engine to manage workflows, set up automatic alerts, and automate regular status communications.



Tailor scheduling views and routing to meet business needs to manage operations. Sync tasks and activities into your scheduling module. Leverage integration capabilities with Go-to-Meeting and real-time SMS response and escalation with Google’s Tracker Mobile App.

Document Integration

Link your central repositories and/or store all relevant attachments within the CXM platform, from documents to video and images. Integrate with file storage services like Dropbox and Google Drive.

Email Integration

Integrate your email clients within CXM, including Outlook for Windows/Mac and Gmail. Generate real time analytics for email and campaign performance within Creedenz CXM.


"One Touch" Productivity

Leverage "One Touch" to get all your work done in one place. "One Touch" allows you to send emails, create activity, make phone calls, take notes, convert leads and much more.

Social Media

Use CXM to track your posts, manage your conversations, and capture your mentions across a variety of social networking platforms. Leverage the information to help drive lead generation and pursuit.