Why Creedenz?

Why does the world need another CRM company?

Existing, leading CRM solutions have their roots in a single function—sales, marketing, service—and have grown through acquisition. As a result, these systems are disjointed, providing siloed, out-of-the-box functionality built for volume sales. The biggest challenge for CRM continues to be customizability, ease of use and system integration.

Companies looking for a turn-key, customer-centric solution are forced to deal with long deployment schedules and high customization costs and are still left with an inflexible system unable to quickly adapt as business needs continually change.


Enter CXM software— a complete, integrated, turn-key CRM solution that supports rapid, iterative change and is simultaneously extendable, customizable, and accessible. CXM provides a real-time, contextual view of the customer that can be easily tailored for each functional user. Users have full spectrum of access through any device or application (e.g., email or API) of choice. Additionally, CXM’s proprietary adaptive data engine provides an open platform that leverages cloud innovations and can be readily upgraded without rework to existing customization.

Extending beyond the traditional silos of CRM, CXM includes automation, collaboration, and integration tools to effectively drive customer engagement across all business functions. CXM often becomes the underlying core platform for our clients, linking enterprise and partner systems and providing a single, holistic view of the customer.

The simplicity and flexibility of the platform allows your company to rapidly adapt to changing business processes and implement customized solutions — all with a speed and efficiency unparalleled to any other competitive solution in the market.